Commit ab27ab2f authored by Maxime Perrotin's avatar Maxime Perrotin

more objXXX fixes

parent da4fc715
......@@ -874,14 +874,15 @@ void New_Interface(char *name,
/* New Provided interface */
void Add_PI(char *pi)
remove_objXXX_suffix (pi, strlen(pi));
char *pi_name =
make_string ("%.*s", remove_objXXX_suffix(pi, strlen(pi)), pi);
/* Parameters 3 is NULL because a PI's distant FV is irrelevant
* (there can be several) and parameter 5 is NULL because a PI's
* distant name is also irrelevant since there can also
* be several callers (thus several different distant names).
New_Interface(pi, NULL, NULL, PI);
New_Interface(pi_name, NULL, NULL, PI);
/* New Required Interface */
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