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Update Makefile and README

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all: compile-all
@pyside-rcc asn1_value_editor.qrc -o
@pyside-rcc asn1_value_editor.qrc -o asn1_value_editor/
install: compile-all
@mkdir -p asn1_value_editor
@for f in \ \ \\; \
do echo Installing $$f && cp $$f asn1_value_editor ; \
@python install --record install.record
@rm *.pyc
@rm -rf build dist *.egg-info asn1_value_editor/*.pyc
.PHONY: all compile-all install clean
......@@ -9,24 +9,25 @@ It contains a and is meant to be installed using the Python way:
$ sudo make install
This command will call: python install
This command will update the Qt resource file and call: python install --record
The auto-generated GUIs make use of the speedometer and of the MSC Editor/Viewer.
* You must install it first *
* You must install them first *
Usage for the standalone editor:
standalong_editor -a <DataModel.asn> -t <Type> [-d <Default Value>]
$ standalone_editor -a <DataModel.asn> -t <Type> [-d <Default Value>]
You can try it with the T-POS type that is in TPos.asn file under the ./test directory:
./ -a test/TPos.asn -t T-POS
$ -a test/TPos.asn -t T-POS
Or with a default value (make sure you use quote):
./ -a test/TPos.asn -t T-POS -d 'myIntSetOf: { 1, 2, 3, 4, 1 }'
$ -a test/TPos.asn -t T-POS -d 'myIntSetOf: { 1, 2, 3, 4, 1 }'
(c) European Space Agency
Author: Maxime Perrotin
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