Commit 1a77c12a authored by Maxime Perrotin's avatar Maxime Perrotin
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Fix update of global state window data

parent 29e518e8
......@@ -393,13 +393,14 @@ class asn1Editor(QTreeView):
seqOf = True
for i in range(nbRows):
name = root.child(i, 0).text()
name_u = name.replace('-', '_')
asnType = root.child(i, 1).text()
child = root.child(i, 3)
if seqOf:
value = var[i]
if name in var:
value = var[name]
if name in var or name_u in var:
value = var.get(name, var[name_u])
if asnType in ('INTEGER', 'REAL', 'SEQOF'):
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