Commit e56b8ea2 authored by Bruno Gomes's avatar Bruno Gomes

LIBIOP: correct forgotten ambaconf pointer in a function that is never called on the driver.

TODO: This driver needs some cleanup and further testing.

refs #112663
parent 534fcc07
......@@ -179,7 +179,7 @@ void set_sys_freq(){
struct gptimer_regs *tregs;
/*search for gaisler timer in the amba bus*/
if ( amba_get_apb_slave(&amba_confarea,VENDOR_GAISLER,GAISLER_GPTIMER,0,&gptimer) == 1 ){
if ( amba_get_apb_slave(amba_bus,VENDOR_GAISLER,GAISLER_GPTIMER,0,&gptimer) == 1 ){
/*Timer memory mapped registers*/
tregs = (struct gptimer_regs*)gptimer.start;
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