Commit 2576287b authored by yoogx's avatar yoogx

* Add driver file for sockets on native platform (Linux or macOS)

parent 63f6ddb0
package Native_Sockets
with Deployment;
with ASN1_Configuration;
with Buses::Ethernet;
-- This drivers provide a Socket connectivity based on BSD socket
-- API. It is supported on Linux and macOS
device Native_Sockets extends Buses::Ethernet::Generic_Ethernet
end Native_Sockets;
device implementation Native_Sockets.pohic
Deployment::Driver_Name => "sockets";
Device_Driver => classifier (sockets_impl.i);
Initialize_Entrypoint => classifier (spg_sockets_init);
end Native_Sockets.pohic;
-- DRIVER --
-- XXX This driver is spawning a background task, this should be
-- removed
abstract sockets_impl
Deployment::Configuration_Type =>
classifier (ASN1_Configuration::configuration_type_ip);
Deployment::Version => "0.1beta";
Deployment::Help => "Write your ASN.1 configuration here";
end sockets_impl;
abstract implementation sockets_impl.i
sender : subprogram spg_eth_linux_sender.i;
end sockets_impl.i;
subprogram spg_sockets_init
Source_Language => (C);
Source_Name => "__po_hi_driver_sockets_init";
end spg_sockets_init;
subprogram spg_eth_linux_sender
Source_Language => (C);
Source_Name => "__po_hi_driver_sockets_send";
end spg_eth_linux_sender;
subprogram implementation spg_eth_linux_sender.i
end spg_eth_linux_sender.i;
end ocarina_drivers_ip_pohic;
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